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    If you answered yes to any of the above questions or just want to be healthier and fitter, then, CORE FITNESS should be your first choice.  We feel we have the best fitness training facility but talk is cheap. We want you to come meet our staff, meet other members, and give us a chance to earn your business.

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    “Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”        Edward Stanley


    Latest from the blog:

    Healthy gift ideas for the holidays

    Here are this year’s picks:
    1. Canning starter set. Gardeners and fresh produce fans will appreciate getting a jump start on preserving next year’s bounty. Most sets include a water bath (large pot), jar lifter, funnel, jars and lids. Newer low-cost kits have nonmetal racks that can be used in kitchen stock pots. Toss in grandma’s favorite canning recipes.
    2. Food games. There are tons of trivia games out there for foodies. Check out the latest cooking edition of the legendary “letter tile” game. Don’t forget that little ones like to play with food too — search on “kitchen chemistry toys” and “play food” for gift ideas.
    3. Muffin top pan. This fun gift makes it easy way to enjoy the best part of the muffin — and keeps the serving size reasonable.
    4. Thermal totes and reusable grocery bags. Help family and friends keep food safe and be environmentally conscious when grocery shopping.
    5. Daily calendar with tear-off healthy recipes. Great for last-minute meal ideas. While you’re at it, include a recipe box so favorite recipes can be saved.
    6. Magnetic strip and spice tins with see-through tops. Fill with favorite spices. Add a favorite recipe or two.
    7. Apron or chef coat. Dressing the part can be an inspiration to get cooking. Styles vary from nostalgic aprons to professional chef coats.
    8. Frozen pop molds or makers. Fun for the whole family, these molds can be filled with pureed fruit for a healthy frozen treat.
    9. Tea mug with built-in infuser. Add herbal, green or white tea. This gift is a great way to kick the coffee habit and get more antioxidants.
    10. Gym bag. A nice new bag may provide the motivation to get back to the gym.

    Need more ideas? Here are a few from previous years: lunch tote, water bottle, pedometer, baking stone, soup tureen, steamer insert, countertop compost crock, gift baskets with whole grains, and herb seeds and pots.

    Happy holidays!

    By Jennifer Nelson, M.S., R.D. and Katherine Zeratsky, R.D.

    Christmas Health-busters!


    ChristmasDiet and nutrition
    As Christmas beckons, it’s easy to lose sight of the year’s health goals. Rich food, plentiful alcohol and lack of exercise all contribute to a sluggish system, not to mention the family hazards that might fly your way. Try following these tips to minimize the physical and emotional damage.Stay off the snacks
    Around Christmas time, many of the kilos packed on are due to snacks that lie around the house. Go easy on the chocolates and nuts, they are full of kiljoules and are unnecessary when you are also enjoying large meals! As a substitute, have bowls of fruit available (grapes and berries are good) and help fill kids’ stockings with an orange or apple, too.Plan a walk
    Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean normal life has to stop completely! Build some time into your day to take some exercise, even if it’s a simple walk along the beach, a swim or a game of cricket in the backyard. Taking time out can also be helpful for avoiding family tension: if there’s a storm brewing, calm yourself down by getting out and about for 30 minutes or so.

    Bulk up on veg
    Whatever your chosen Christmas meal, max out on vegies and cut back on the meat. It doesn’t have to be dull — look up inventive ways to make a splendid salad or dress up those sprouts. As long as your vegies aren’t covered in butter or rich salad dressing, you can scoff lots without packing on too many kilos.

    Be sensitive to others
    Not everybody finds Christmas a pleasant time — be sensitive to the feelings of those around you, especially if there’s been a recent bereavement or loss. Even happy events such as the birth of a child can cause emotional havoc, so stay aware and steer clear of potentially hazardous topics.

    Don’t start on the booze too early
    Tempting though it can be to crack open the bubbly as soon as you’re dressed, save it for later in the day. When eventually you do have a drink, remember to space alcoholic beverages with soft ones, allowing your liver a chance to fight back. Don’t forget that it’s harder for your liver to metabolize alcohol when your sugar intake has been high: it prioritizes the absorption of sugar over alcohol, so if you’ve been on the chocolates all day, any alcohol will remain in your system for longer.

    Avoid the holiday binge

    Get organized!
    If you leave all your preparations to the last minute, things can get stressful. Financially, too, leaving everything until last can create a big hole in your wallet. Space everything out by writing lists and buying presents ahead of time (this will also save you cash). Buy foods that won’t go off in advance, too, such as Christmas puddings and so on.

    Choose your drinks carefully.
    If you’re watching your weight, some drinks will kill your diet. Obvious ones to look out for are creamy cocktails, but keep an eye on your intake of premixed drinks and cocktails in general. Stick to straight spirits, mixed with low-joule drinks, or wine.

    Set out expectations.
    Christmas can be a very happy time, but it can also be stressful. If your parents are separated or if you’re planning to spend the holidays with your partner’s family, make sure the other set know in good time. Disappointment often breeds resentment and the last thing you need on your hands at Christmas is a family feud. As at any other time of the year, communication is of paramount importance — hiding away from telling somebody something they won’t want to hear will only prolong the issue.

    Get Kids Excited to Exercise!

    With so many distractions for kids not to exercise, from video games to computers and the fattening of America taking place at an ever increasing pace, kids are more unfit than any other time in our history.

    In major studies during the last ten years, children from the ages of six to 17 scored extremely low in areas of strength, flexibility, and cardio respiratory endurance. Television watching, electronic games, and inactive parents were implicated as major sources of the lack of exercise.

    Children, teenagers, and adults need to accumulate at least 30 minutes of moderate activity each day. However, it’s estimated that only one in three American children participate in daily physical activity. And about one-fourth of all adults and young people from the ages of 12 to 21 are getting no vigorous exercise at all.

    Kids need to learn at a young age that fitness can be fun! Children have a short attention span (20 minutes) when it comes to fitness, yet an unlimited capacity to watch the monitor or TV. Kids fatigue in a shorter time, and become both over-heated and dehydrated in a shorter time than adults. Fitness has to be fun and diverse to peak a child’s interest and turn physical activity into a “looked forward to” time of the day.

    One of the best ways to increase the overall fitness of a family is by exercising together. Variety of activity is the key to keeping all family members enjoying exercise. The older the children, the more important it becomes for exercise to be “fun”. Motivation must come from Mom and Dad through example, creative activities, and persistence. Physical activity sessions do not need to last longer than 30-45 minutes but should be scheduled on a regular basis.

    Everyone should enjoy the sessions, and they should not be rigid or competitive in nature, especially where young children are involved. Family physical activity time results in family bonding. As each family member enjoys the activities, it should become easier to schedule the sessions. One of the most important results is the teaching of good health habits that can continue for a lifetime.

    We have two children (8-10) who have been involved in fitness with us since they were 3-4. How?

    Going for walks, playing at the park, beach. Learning how to ride bikes, swimming (year round-indoor or outdoor). We purchased a mini-tramp then a larger one for the kids to bounce on, and would jump with them. Taking the kids to the gym so they could watch us exercise for short periods and then letting them use light weights at home. Rolling balls across the floor and chasing them on all fours. Now as the kids are older, they are involved in team sports (soccer and softball). We still take the dogs for walks together, and choose to take small vacations that always include swimming, biking and some walking.

    For kids to get excited about exercising, parents have to be excited. Get out and be active with your kids. Children live what they learn.

    By Mark Occhipinti

    Mark J. Occhipinti is the President of AFPA Fitness. Be sure to visit their site for more easy-to-follow fitness articles, tips, and recipes at AFPA Fitness